Last Tango expands in 2016

Last Tango expands in 2016

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Last Tango Productions continues to grow by leaps and bounds with the addition of fresh services for the clients and fresh bodies to the crew.

Last Tango Productions is stoked to announce a new promo campaign for independent artists. LTP is rolling out a new national servicing strategy that will make the music of the acts they represent available for in-house play in specialty boutiques and cafes across the country. To date Last Tango Productions has a growing user base of more than 200 specialty retail outlets in major cities across Canada to allow for even more exposure than traditional services to date and which will support those media and radio campaigns already in place. The ongoing expansion of promotional services in 2016 will be tied to and geared towards complimenting the already existing and likewise expanding and adaptive range of publicity and radio tracking services offered by Last Tango Productions in response to a fast-changing musical landscape.

In terms of publicity and increasing an online presence for artists “While LTP has always maintained outstanding relationships with Canadian press and music bloggers, we now also engage with music bloggers from around the world.  In all, we have almost 4000 music writers internationally that we service our releases to.” states company prez Yvonne Valnea while stressing the company’s continued success with commercial and non-commercial radio tracking services which are also complimented heavily by social media. Last Tango Productions has also enjoyed a spike in its profile among the international DJ community on account of the company’s work with DJ pools using their international connections to help promote Canadian artists.

The individual artists which continue to join the Last Tango Productions roster reflect not just their satisfaction with the LTP relationship but its increasing musical and cultural diversity.

Last Tango’s status in the indie community remains at the gold level on account of its longstanding and successful commitment to building additional exposure for many independent artists including, most recently, The Boxcar Boys (peaking at #7 on the national !Earshot Jazz charts), iTunes Dance Chart topper and Bell Media radio ‘Future Star’ and Fresh Radio ‘Next Big Thing’ nominee FoXx Williams, country-roots artist Harlan Wells charting at roots/college radio across the country while receiving stellar reviews from the media far and wide and many, many more recent additions to the roster.

Helping to make all this happen are new hires Eva Cheung, a music blogger with solid indie label experience and Christian Beimuts, a multi-talent with strong backgrounds in social media and graphic arts. Both are already adding much to the efficiency and also the joie de vivre that’s always been associated with the Last Tango Productions brand.


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