LTP and Indie Connectors – moving on and expanding

LTP and Indie Connectors – moving on and expanding

Indie Connectors Announces changes for 2016
Indie Connectors is on the move in 2016. First of all, we begin the year with personnel changes. We say goodbye to former President and founding member Yvonne Valnea. Yvonne was the inspiration and driving force behind Indie Connectors. Without her hard work and dedication, the project would never have gotten off the ground. Yvonne has decided to focus her energy on growing her company, Last Tango Productions (more news to come!). She will still be visible at future Indie Connectors events, but will be passing the reins to not one, but two talented people.

Bryan Loberg and Sussan Burton join Andrea Morris on the team. Bryan Loberg joins Indie Connectors after 30 years of entrepreneurial success. Bryan has created and managed many businesses including LIVE! Productions Inc. Where he took indie bands and artists and showcased them up and down Queen St West at places like Czehoski, The Gladstone, The Drake, to name a few. For five years Bryan connected indie bands with industry professionals giving artists a chance to meet the right producers and agents while allowing professionals access to the best indie acts in Toronto. Bryan looks forward to bringing Indie Connectors to the next level by creating a home for everyone, via work shops and the internet, and creating a place to CONNECT!!

Sussan Burton comes to IndieConnectors with a background in marketing and events, all connected to the music industry. She has worked in sponsorships, package goods promotions, live music events and spent 10 years at Sony Music. Sussan states she is happy to be back working in music in some capacity and is excited to be working with IndieConnectors as there is a wealth of opportunities to connect to up and coming artists and help them succeed.

With the new team in place, Indie Connectors will soon be announcing some fantastic events. Beginning in March, Indie Connectors will feature an ARTIST OF THE MONTH. The chosen artist will headline an Indie Connectors Live Night out and will be prominently featured on the website and all social media sites. We will also be hosting an Industry Cocktail party/Mixer in the spring. And this summer, Indie Connectors will hit the road with a ROCK AND ROAD TRIP to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and connect with industry folks in that city!! Be sure to like Indie Connectors on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check the website:, for further developments on all these great events!

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