Tribe Royal’s sound can be described as an alchemic blend of folk music, 60’s British Rock and 90’s Alternative Rock. At the core of the Tribe are three unique singing voices that can be layered for 3-part harmony, or woven to create imaginative counterpoints. Their sound and songs have a nostalgic feeling to them, introspective yet vibrant; grounded in the honest experiences and youthful memories.

Tribe Royal was born from the partnership of Terry O’Brien and Chris Kerwin, two aspiring songwriters, and their shared interest in the musical giants of the 20th century. When their bandmates Bram Al-Najjar and Mike Giamberardino joined — talented and inspiring musicians in their own right — the resulting foursome created a dynamic relationship that has crafted the band’s sound into the genres it now encompasses.
Since the band’s formation in January 2014, Tribe Royal has earned a reputation as a professional, hardworking and ambitious group. They have released one LP, “Samadhi”, with a second ‘Colours of the Sun’ to be released later in 2016. In just over two years as a group, they have played more than 150 shows in 20 different cities and are currently booking dates throughout the remainder of 2016. Their love for music has connected them with thousands of people of all ages, through small private benefit performances, to large-scale rock venues in some of Canada’s largest cities.

They have opened for such reputable acts as:

Nive Neilsen
Murder, Murder (CBC 2015 Searchlight Northern Ontario Champions)
The Love Machine (Live 88.5 2015 Big Money Shot Winners)
Quiet Company
Red Wanting Blue (country-rock band featured several times on The David Letterman Show)
Notable performances include:
The Horseshoe Tavern
Shediac Market
CIUT PanAmerican Games ‘Map Room Sessions’
2015 Canadian Tulip Festival
Performances in support of various charity events hosted by the Youth Service Bureau of Ottawa, Sierra Bee Foundation and other benefit initiatives

With the planned release of ‘Colours of The Sun’ , 2016 is set to be a pivotal year for the emerging rock group.
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