Servicing and tracking singles to approximately 100-200 commercial radio stations in Canada in any given format (AC, Hot AC, Country, CAR, Top 40). Last Tango Productions supplies both radio tracking services and radio promotions (give-aways, weekly stat reports, arranging interviews, etc.). Feature play, regular rotation and chart positions are the goals of radio tracking and promotions. Commercial radio includes both BDS/Mediabase reporting and non-reporting stations in major and secondary markets from coast to coast as well as Stingray, Sirius, and other specialty radio. On a weekly basis, Last Tango Productions compiles and distributes stat reports to commercial radio music directors detailing radio play, chart numbers, tour dates, recent press reviews and interviews, video play, TV appearances etc. in order to support and promote radio play, radio adds and chart numbers. 


The servicing of full album/EP releases to (4000+) key press and music bloggers across Canada (and internationally) as well as weekly strategic follow-up with a particular focus on Canadian media. Follow-up in order to secure album reviews, features, interviews and reviews, shares on Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud and so much more, is included. Contacts include dailies, weeklies, monthlies, trades, campus press, online media and music bloggers interested in reviewing and featuring new releases.

Last Tango Productions also maintains a database and relationship with at least 4000+ international music bloggers from around the world (for more intensive international follow-up campaign please see International Promotions above).

Music reviews add content to social media campaigns, increase an artist's online presence, support radio play campaigns and help to increase an artist's fan base.


Publicity support includes servicing the full album/EP releases to all applicable media contacts including print press, television and radio with the purpose of arranging interviews, live appearances and performances, listings, coverage and feature stories nationally.

The benefit of Last Tango Productions is that we come with an in-house team of PR and radio promo  in order  to support tour dates and also garner the confidence of venue and festival bookers.

The ease of booking venues/tours increases once an artist has developed a  fan base local to the venue which is traditionally done through radio tracking and pre-publicity (see detailed services for radio tracking and publicity for CD/EP reviews above).


In the case of a CD release party, showcase or other special event, Last Tango Productions services include supplying media releases and digital releases to applicable local, regional and national media including print and online press, radio and television for the purposes of arranging interviews, live appearances and performances, listings, feature stories, coverage and attendance of media at the event and providing consultation with regards to advertising and additional promotions.


Last Tango Productions has a close and respected relationship/partnership with Believe Digital, a leading music digital distribution company for independent labels and artists. Artists cannot sign with digital directly, they must be under the roster of a recognized company/label that Believe is willing to  partner with. In partnering with Believe Digital, Last Tango Productions can offer artists distribution worldwide in a network which includes a wide range of digital music services such as iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and Spotify, video streaming services such as YouTube and Dailymotion, and mobile services such as Telus and Rogers and many more. Believe/Last Tango Productions offer innovative digital distribution and promotion technology integrated with several hundred digital music stores worldwide. Their direct agreements with digital music services to guarantee higher revenues and quick and efficient digital distribution of your music with local trade marketing teams with access to key services that can leverage their local market share and contacts to properly position your releases.


International Radio Tracking:  includes servicing and follow-up to all applicable genres/formats/shows internationally, including specialty non-commercial and commercial radio shows, college radio, public radio, satellite, internet, community radio, digital radio, networks, syndicated shows,  multi-format radio, radio DJ Pools, and other applicable specialty radio (i.e. Stingray, Sirius, applicable specialty genre-specific stations and programming such as blues, jazz, roots, rock, world, etc.) as well as select feature and 'mix shows' on international Commercial Radio stations, including stations with Indie spotlight feature shows and smaller commercial stations which support indie music. 

International Media and PR: includes servicing (and strategic follow-up) of  full album/EP/single with video to approx. 900+ North American based press (i.e. 2000+ individual bloggers/music editors/new music curators) as well as up to 4000+ international music blogs/magazines/curators and other online streaming platforms.  Follow up would include dailies, weeklies, monthlies, trades and music bloggers/music editors and curators consisting of those media contacts responsible for reviews and new releases (and including select YouTube channels, Soundcloud and Spotify playlists, etc.). Although this media campaign is mainly concentrated on music reviews, it also includes some Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube etc. and other media shares. (For a full, dedicated online streaming campaign only please our fully dedicated online streaming campaign  below). 

Both international radio play and music reviews add to social media campaigns, online streaming platforms, support subsequent radio play and increase an artist’s fan base overall. Airplay worldwide  provides a base for touring artists as well as being a natural extension for Canadian non-commercial and commercial radio promotions and also helps to lengthen the life of a release.


Servicing and tracking full CDs to approximately 100-200 non-commercial stations including campus, community, Canadian based internet and CBC programs as well as other specialty radio (i.e. Stingray, Sirius, etc.) nationally. Campus stations include all Canadian stations reporting to Earshot, Spinitron and NACC. CBC radio consists of all applicable network-based music programs and specialty programs.

"The college radio marketplace is still essential to any indie marketing plan and is a great way to get your music heard. College stations are dedicated to playing new music and, unlike bigger stations, they have the freedom to spin great new music based on its merit rather than advertising dollars or anything else.As an indie band, radio results can be used to boost your accolades and make yourself more attractive to venue promoters, management, labels, press, music supervisors, etc. And if you’re a touring band, you can use radio to guide your way into new markets and have the station(s) as an ally in those new markets." —SONICBIDS

Last Tango Productions tracks non-commercial radio on a weekly basis to ensure the arrival of CDs/digital servicings and to secure airplay and chart positions (where applicable).


Last Tango Productions has it covered with more than 2000+ (and counting) streaming platform ‘curators' (for Spotify/Apple/Tidal etc.), 'independently curated' Spotify playlists, as well as playlist curators, programmers, and music editors (i.e. Spotify/Apple Music/Google Play/ Pandora/ Tidal/ YouTube/Deezer/Amazon Music) and so much more.  We have one of the most comprehensive, up to date and carefully compiled Spotify playlist directories available anywhere and roll out creative campaigns with diligent follow up to make sure your music is heard. With more than 1200 online streaming contacts, combined with 25+ years of experience of getting music heard, listened to, reviewed, and played, allow us to bring you the best campaign that Last Tango Productions is known for.

“We are witnessing a changing of the guard and this has great implications for how artists are broken..we may look back on late 2017 as the moment streaming and social truly began to leave radio behind as the rulers in music discovery.”

"As streaming services grow to scale, they steadily erode terrestrial radio’s monopoly on breaking artists. Diehard fans alongside a newer generation of listeners are increasingly discovering their music exclusively online. While terrestrial radio still commands a majority audience share, many suggest streaming services could very well become the preferred method for listening to new music.”—ALAN CROSS/A JOURNAL OF MUSICAL THINGS

"In the last five years, artists have straight-up kickstarted their entire careers simply from being added to the right playlist, gaining millions of plays in a short time, copping an influx of royalties as well as a swell of popularity.”—HHHHAPPY.COM

All campaigns are supported with social media.