"Last Tango has been suggested to me many times over as a well oiled machine when it comes to the release and support of new albums. “ Liz Stevens (artist)

"We've enjoyed working with you ...Thanks for all of your hard work on this project." Chris Thompson/SUBCULTURE MUSIC (manager)

" I JUST heard Open Road on Sirius XM Country 171. I have been doing the happy dance and calling all my friends. THANKS for helping me make a dream come true! " FRANCINE HONEY (artist)

"Wave 21 had a great 2018 with all the college stations that you got to play us, our Facebook fans are over 10,000 and our latest video for the song It’ll Be One Of These Days has 11k views already…”thanks again for your great work?” WAVE 21 (artist)

"We've been really happy with the attention we've received through your excellent work." Locomotive Ghost (artist)

"So far every artist Last Tango represents has sounded phenomenal and we love featuring them on the “Northern Spotlight." Tyler  Holowchuk, Music Director


"Thank you for making our debut on Earshot’s TOP 50 a reality!” The Commotions

Thank you so much for everything. ….You rawk, thanks again, it's been a pleasure working with you." Phono Pony

"You guys sure are doing a great job!” Blair Packham

“(Bobby Curtola) was thrilled to be 'back on the charts' thanks to you Yvonne Valnea!” Sandy Graham/CASHBOX CANADA

" It’s been really great working with you and will definitely like to partner up again for the next album!” Melissa Arp/TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE

“Thank you so much for an excellent campaign!” ABBY ZOTZ (artist)

"I am really thrilled with the in-depth and favorable tone [of media reviews]... I appreciate your support, you have certainly delivered.” Chameleon Project (artist)

"It was awesome working with you, very happy with everything you did and hope to meet you in person and work again in the near future!” The Farewell Summer

"Thank you so much for your hard work, it's been a pleasure working with you!” Dre Pao

"I just wanted to ... thank you personally for all you are doing and have done for the boys. I/we know your hard work has played a big part in our MCMA Award and I/we wanted you to know how grateful we are.  So, from the bottom of our hearts thank you! “ Bambi Rutherford/Manager - PAST THE PERIMETER

Over the Years

"It was a real pleasure working with Yvonne and Last Tango….Yvonne brings a very genuine care and effort to the artists she works with; she’s diligent in her plan for the campaign and goes the extra distance to really appreciate the uniqueness of the artist she is working with and modify her strategy accordingly. ” Last Hologram (artist)

“I would like to thank you for your great work on the Vengaboys.   Hang your gold record proudly in a visible place as a reminder of a job well done.”  Larry Mancini, ISBA Music Entertainment

“You definitely did an amazing job and I will be contacting you very shortly.  Our follow up single is almost ready, ….thank you for being patient and believing in FoXx. ….we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”  Kurt Singh/Manager for FoXx Williams. 

“You are one of only a hand full of people who do what you do, but you are one of the BEST! And I say that with no hesitation what so ever.” Joe Wood/RDR MUSIC

“You do a wonderful job of keeping us updated.” PJ Wilson (artist)

“Had you not pushed my music like you did, I’m sure most people still wouldn’t know who I was. But people are starting to take notice.” Scott Richmond/Artist

“…your guys are top of the line when I get the okay to download at the station. Thanks for sharing your artists.” Vina Moses/Music Director/QCCR radio

“I know… it’s up to the gods… but at least I have the best person working the case….!” Riggi Media International

“You do a really great job.”  JD DeRaadt/KAOS Radio

“I mentioned Last Tango to a singer/songwriter who recently launched a new CD… I know how passionately you represent your clients!”  Sharon McCully, The Sherbrook Record

“Thanks Yvonne...you are worth every penny.” ShyAnne/Artist

“…your company name came up with some great reports in our due diligence – Apparently you have a talent for launching bands.” John O’Brien/Tribe Royal (manager)

“Thanks to YOU I’m getting played on sky jazz internet radio…. Thanks for your dedication to my music and getting it out there and on the airwaves ! I am pleased with the results to date. … You’re awesome!!"  Andrea Smith/Artist

“I didn’t know you were doing this (project), Yvonne – not at all surprised, given your role as longtime Taste Fairy!” Eric Thom/BLURTONLINE Magazine

“You represent some fine artists!” Ted Crouch/Host/VOICE OF THE SHUSWAP radio

“Thank you Yvonne! Keep the great music coming! We add new music every week with #NewMusicTuesday, Over 2000 active and growing listeners Coast to Coast to Coast in Canada and over 90 Countries! Your artists will be heard on Canada’s Best Music. We look forward to more amazing Canadian music! Continued success!” Michael Bartlett/PopCanRadio/Canada’s Best Music

 “Thanks for the amazing updates.  You always deal with the best artists.” Alan Sochan/INDIE LOVE radio

“I am always grateful to Yvonne for bringing us great artists that we would not have known about without Last Tango.” Sandy Graham/CASHBOX CANADA

“Thanks so much, you did a wonderful job.”  Spirit River Distribution

“Thank you so sincerely…” Havelock Country Music Talent Showdown

“Yvonne has called the editor of The Express so many times over the last couple of years in an effort to get her artists reviewed that we are on a first name basis…At least they’re lucky enough to have Yvonne on their side.” Paul Bickford, The Express

“Not a day goes by where we don’t thank whatever spiritual forces are out there for all the hard work that you’ve put into getting the Downline buzz going… from the bottom, top, middle and sides of our hearts, thank you for all that you’ve done for us.” DOWNLINE

"Thank YOU SO much for sending my album out and for getting me some reviews. i was hoping for positive reviews and I am just ON THE FLOOR!!!!! with how positive they are. WOW!!!! Thank you!!!" FRANCINE HONEY (artist)

“I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the great work you’ve accomplished….on the project.”   Michel Gendron, Tox Records

“You came VERY highly recommended.”  David St Germain/Artist

“…you know I always make a point to get in your artists.” John Emms, The Daily Press

“Your praises have been sung out loud today by Mr. Joe Wood (DMDS), who has recommended that I contact you in regard to radio tracking.” Isabella Hawnt, Bizkit

“On behalf of the band we would like to thank you for the great work you did for us last year and we look forward to working with you again.” Guerrilla Funk Monster

“Thanks so much for all your work with radio and press and thanks for looking after radio while not extending the contract. It is really appreciated. Really!”  Lisa Spizzirri, Mother Earth Productions (for Shane Philip)

“I heard a lot of good comments about your company in Quebec….we all agreed that you are an awesome Radio Promoter.”  Yanik Rouleau/OCTOBER SKY mgt.

“…try Yvonne, she is also good at this stuff” Daryl Holien, Harvard Broadcasting (referring an artist to Last Tango)

“Thank you so much Yvonne! I now have an awesome press sheet labeled Critical Praise. It has been awesome working with you. Thanks for getting my music out there!...Good job!” Matt Lipscombe

“You’re doing a really good job and you charge me the same amount as the other companies who only take care of Quebec province!!!” David Dube/HIGH LIFE MUSIC

“Thank you again for all your legwork in arranging the CDs which we are featuring in our weekly contest starting today!”  Stu Berketo/Music Co-ordinator/ THE WAVE FM, Hamilton, ON

“It’s been a pleasure having you on board these last 6 months and all the good attention you brought with you to the project with your work. Again, thank you and I really appreciate the follow up still with the “scragglers”. I’m looking forward to working with you again on our next campaign.”  Al Lukas

“Thanks so much for all that you contributed. It was indeed a pleasure to work with you, a professional with a sense of humour to boot! Hope we can do it again.”  Jamie Ford, CounterSteer Inc., Automotive Event Management

“Thank you so much for pushing the Canadian Press interview….she told me how hard you worked at getting today’s interview. You’re the best!” Kim Esty

“Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. We’ll be getting in touch again as soon as the next album is ready.” Dana Wylie Band

“...thanks for all your work on this – you have really made a lot of progress and have helped give us a bit of a boost in confidence as we weren’t having much luck prior to using you – a testament to your hard work and support.” Sound Of Pop Records

“Last Tango Productions out of Toronto… released the first album “You Go Girl” to campus & specialty radio, along with sending it to various newspaper and music publications across Canada. This release brought a full radio add and Music Library addition for radio & television at CBC, as well as another 40+ radio stations on board who are playing my music, some Top 10 charting of the album at campus, and some unbelievable reviews”  Tracy Millar

“You are very good at what you do…You were fantastic to me and I really appreciate it.” Ann Chaplin (achieved Top 10 radio downloads position on DMDS Dec 2010)

“I thought of you yesterday as I received yet another email from someone saying they heard my song on the radio and then went out and bought it!  Thanks again – the spins are still happening!!!” Bonnie Ste-Croix (hit TOP 30 AC in the charts)

“You did amazing things for the Chelsea project and I would like to provide you with some additional clients” Daryl Ledwon, CSP

“You’re in great hands with Yvonne.” Kevin Unger, President, Zip DJ Pool

“What a talent pool you have.” Mind’s Eye Newspaper

 “This is great about us making the top 100 Canadian Country Chart! Our single hasn’t even been out for a month yet, wow!”  Face2Face

 “…you’re awesome!” Anthony Donnelly/Announcer/YL COUNTRY

“We are really happy with your work, and will definitely continue working with you.”  Shannon Trentham (manager/Dani- Lynn Trentham) 

“Great work with Tracy Millar…” Rob Smith, Royalty Records

“Wow, Great job.” Solitudes

“You’ve got some good stuff.”  Jonathan Best/Music Director BIG DOG 92.7 (Astral Media)    

“It’s nice to work with you Yvonne...Sam Hell loves you!”  Sam Hell

“Yvonne great reviews. Thank you!!!!”  Karina Zorn

“Keep the good stuff coming!”    John Kereiff/GONZO MAGAZINE

“Thank you so much Yvonne. Great work!!”  Patrizia

“Thank you for all you have done for Amber this year, from the press reviews, tracking and publicity!” Shelley Schneider/Manager

“We couldn’t have done it [Juno Nomination] without you…We recommend you highly.” Ron Varze, Sandro Dominelli Quintet

“I want to thank you for all of your great work last year.” Glenn Marais, Like A Child Aids orphans in Africa Project

“I just got off the phone with Don Graham from Cashbox.  We had a great chat and interview for my article in the magazine…I’m so excited to hear they are giving me the cover!!  Wow!  And it’s because of your relationship with them, they love you!   Thanks for everything!”  Cheryl Thibideau

 “I alway keep your emails flagged so I know I have to come back to them and get back to you.” Brian James/CFZN/CFBG radio network Music Director

“My research tells me that your company is one of the best so we certainly would appreciate your help.”  Pete Massey/ DOWNSIDE band

“I’m adding Bonnie this week in our can-con category. You wore me down.”  Mike Rose, Program Director, CKPC (Brantford, ON)

”I have a folder just for you and your releases.” Paul Kerwin/CJFX Music Director in Antigonish, NS

“You’re the best at keeping in touch with me.” David Reed, Belleville Intelligencer

“Holy Crow Yvonne !!!…. You do good work! Thanks so much!!”  Mae More                                                                                                                                                                                                       

“Everything you are doing is much appreciated by myself and the band.” Bruce Leperre, Program/Music Director 730 CKDM, manager for The Swiftys

"We were referred to you by Leanne Doty at Q-Country 91.5 FM in Brandon Manitoba as were are looking for a radio promoter/tracker to help us with the promotion of our up and coming releases.” BAMBI RUTHERFORD (manager)